Ski accident involving Gwyneth Paltrow | KOGO Radio San Diego | 3/24/23

KOGO recently asked Lin McCraw to come on the air in San Diego, CA to discuss a legal case between actress Gwyneth Paltrow and a man who claims she ran into him while skiing and permanently injured him. Paltrow has countersued, alleging that the man, Terry Sanderson, ran into her. McCraw explained that this type of case often comes down to the credibility of witnesses, which in this case may be subject to examination due to their relationships with either party involved. Although the initial claim was for $3.1 million, it was dropped, and Sanderson is currently asking for $300,000, but McCraw notes that this could just be a strategy to cover attorney costs.

McCraw also discussed Paltrow’s countersuit and explained that this move could be a strategy to limit her outflow due to what Sanderson did to her. McCraw explained that celebrities often have pre-existing goodwill, which gives them an advantage in court because people tend to believe they already know them. Although Paltrow may be gambling by not settling, the success of her strategy relies on the outcome of the negotiations between the parties. The case is ongoing, with Paltrow expected to testify in court soon.

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