Legal implications of Tesla recall on autopilot crashes | iHeart’s KXL Radio Portland, Oregon | 2/17/23

KXL recently asked Lin McCraw to come on the air in Portland, OR to discuss the legal implications of Tesla’s recent recall of over 360,000 cars due to concerns about auto driving software. McCraw, a trial attorney, explained that many people are now trying to hold Tesla responsible for other autopilot companies for these mishaps and that the old products liability framework that has been in place for decades fits this situation.

McCraw also noted that it is legally important for drivers to be ready to take control of the car if the autopilot fails. He concluded that if a vehicle is put on the road and is said to be safe, then the manufacturer should be held responsible to make sure it does what it is said to do.

Lin McCraw shared his legal expertise with KXL on the implications of Tesla’s recall, emphasizing the importance of driver responsibility and manufacturer accountability.